Carlisle United Season 2007

By , November 15, 2014 11:04 am

Carlisle United Video Score: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Carlisle United Season 2007”

  1. c11fcj says:

    Great pics from Mark Fuller in that video!

  2. rhysisgillsfan says:

    im a gills fan tht was an impressive vid…jimmy glass ledgend

  3. Russ Poole says:


  4. Dan Hurst says:

    OMG Bateman, That Made Me Shiver! It Was Beautiful! The Music Goes So Well!

  5. TeddyBong says:

    good team

  6. Jeff Randall says:

    Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla

  7. jfman06 says:

    great video and i know kieran Westwood

  8. McBeef15 says:

    The song is Hoppipola by Sigur Ros. CUFC LEGENDS!! UP THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE
    WE GO!!! Danny Graham n ziggy aranalde absolute legends!

  9. WalsallMad97 says:

    why wouldnt you have survived? says who?

  10. kimselvon says:

    The boys will be back where they belong next season in the Championship –
    put your money on it.

  11. kingsuperspud says:

    @WalsallMad97 If Carlisle had been relegated, they were going to be

  12. Will Prince says:

    GREAT video mate!

  13. Missy France says:

    wel kevin gall is amazin!!

  14. golazo says:

    looks like all we achieved this season is staying in league one!!! THAT’LL

  15. exiledcumbrian says:

    Brilliant. Made me cry, and it takes a hell of alot to make me cry!!! Good

  16. Fred Smuggins says:

    This is what being a proper football fan is all about about experiencing a
    rollercoaster of emotions.Good luck for the rest of the season from a
    Brentford fan.

  17. pjdutton3 says:

    nice vid; I’m unfortunately a Leeds fan, will be visiting brunton park next

  18. Brett Marshall says:

    Great Video (Im A Barnsley Fan)Whats This Song Called?

  19. gtgeorgetan says:

    This video made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It is video
    that only a true blue can relate to. Well done to the author – amazing work!

  20. Craig Thomson says:

    i like it – i am a celtic fan but always check carlisle results – they have
    some sort of pull over me – maybe coz they are such a northern club.

  21. Timashuck43 says:

    great vid. Muzza is a legend, played a massive part in keeping us up a few
    years back. oafc fan

  22. kingsuperspud says:

    Many thanks go to Mark Fuller for allowing me to use some of his photos on
    the video!!!

  23. nick4517 says:

    Great work mate! Up the Blues!!!!

  24. asthickasyou says:

    Good video! Come on the super blues!!!!!!!!!! Wembley here we come!

  25. william frost says:

    @kingsuperspud thats right win or die it was for carlise