Curle will not be pressured on extending contract

By , October 20, 2014 6:33 pm

Carlisle United’s Keith Curle reiterated and told the media that he will not be pressured or rushed in any way on extending the contracts of his players at the League Two club.  The coach of Carlisle United says that it would be wrong to make a quick decision concerning the contract or future of his players and will be discussing this subject with the Brunton Park board before announcing his decision.

There are a few players in the squad of Keith Curle that have been attracting the attention of clubs around Europe including Brad Potts and Kyle Dempsey. Some of those players in the team will also be expiring in 2015 and the head officials of Carlisle United will take part in which player will remain in the team and which ones won’t.

Curle said: “All players’ contracts will be part of the review system, when I sit down with John Nixon, managing director and the chairman Andrew Jenkins and produce my thoughts on the playing squad. I know some of them have clauses in their contracts where they are open for review. But because of the managerial situation at the football club, those reviews had to get put back’’

“I don’t think it’s right for me to walk into the club and, within two weeks, be asked to review a player’s future. So I will ask for a little more time. But we are fully aware of everyone’s contract position.”

It has been less than 3 months since Keith Curle was delegated with the task of coaching Curlisle United and having such a short period of time in charge of the club is one of the main reasons why Curle wants to take his time before deciding the future of his players and wants to have the help of the managing director and chairman of the League Two club.

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