Carlisle United 0 Newcastle United 3

By , March 25, 2011 6:35 am

Carlisle United Video Score: 5 / five

25 Responses to “Carlisle United 0 Newcastle United 3”

  1. ameobi234 says:

    @regalmagnum Wayne Routledge

  2. regalmagnum says:

    0:16 :O:O!!! Whos is that??

  3. DuffMcKagan1984 says:

    My colleague at work is the uncle of haris vuckic 😉

  4. DuffMcKagan1984 says:

    My colleague at work is the uncle of haris vuckic 😉

  5. Chris09Herron says:

    I’ve got Vuckic on my white Newcastle top aha 😛

  6. watadam20 says:

    Great finishes by Ranger and Vuckic, top notch stuff.

  7. BennitheHill says:

    Haris Vuckic is a massive talent. We need to bring him along nice and easy.

  8. mripodtouch96 says:

    i was ther

  9. 2000un2000 says:

    @endem85 Lol. 100%! Pa zato i jesu toliko puta igraci BIH igrali na svetskom ili europskom sampionatu. A Haris je vec odlucio i igrat ce za Sloveniju. Uopce nema veze sta pisu tabloidi u Bosni.

  10. sandhujatt91 says:

    Way to go NUFC!!

  11. endem85 says:

    @2000un2000 jeste se rodio u Sloveniji al je porijeklom Bosanac i ako on odluci da igr aza BIH ne bi bilo cudo…ps ipak vi slovenci niste talentaovani ko mi bosanci sto se tice fudbala :)))

  12. stewiek says:

    @ByYasserRonaldoShow because they weren’t newcastle united 😉 😀

  13. 2000un2000 says:

    @endem85 Pa kako pripada, da igra za Bosnu? Rodio se u Sloveniji, školovan u Sloveniji..
    Stariji brat Alen več igra za u21 Sloveniju tako, da više ne može da za tako i Haris verovatno neče.

  14. Toonlad14 says:

    haris vuckic will be the next big thing at newcastle

  15. jnrsnes says:

    Geordie Vuvuzela, Geordie Vuvuzela, na na na na, na na na na

  16. burnie26123 says:

    not yet m8 but wen my last 1 came it was a few days b4 the 1st game of the season

  17. ameobi234 says:

    Glad you all like my video. 🙂 I have some highlights of some matches from last season so check them out too.

  18. ByYasserRonaldoShow says:

    How come England didn’t play like this againts germany!

  19. XxNufcFan4LifexX says:

    Has any toon fans recieved their season tickets yet for this season.

  20. XxNufcFan4LifexX says:

    Toon FTW!!!!!

  21. elmateeeo says:

    @PCLA7 as long as newcastle have a slow start and lose their first match i agree. some of their young players are impressive and hopefully a few could be knocking on capellos door

  22. JackBrindelli says:

    routledge plated a blinder

  23. themusicchap says:

    This is gonna be a good season!

  24. KataiLao says:

    yes.. Good skill for Vukic.. and Ranger.. Howay the leds..!!! Toonarmy in Vientiane, Laos

  25. Amirshearer says:

    Vuckic’s goal was pure class! And Routlad…what a handful!