Carlisle United Vs Leeds Play off semi Leg 1

By , March 8, 2011 1:27 pm

Carlisle United Video clip Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Carlisle United Vs Leeds Play off semi Leg 1”

  1. Minibinks97 says:

    Kieren Westwood. Amazing! I had a lil conversion with him before one of the matches, was well chuffed! Ahaa! My all time favourite, well and Matty of course!!

  2. SHsafc96 says:

    Westwood 4 sunderland oh oh oh oh oh Westwood 4 sunderland oh oh oh oh:)

  3. MikeyCUFC says:

    Westwood is amazing! Don’t know why he left but we were really lucky to have him!!

  4. sootmeister says:

    leeds leeds leeds……..where u now carlisle…….wankers

  5. ScenarioOfficial says:

    @lukeandkane69 Carlisle scored on the other end of the pitch cause Leeds allocated seats are shit?

  6. ScenarioOfficial says:

    @PokerPlum I was there, there was supposed to be 3 or 4 minutes added, that was in the 96th minute for christ sake.

  7. welshsoldier211 says:

    im a leeds fan, but i gotta say, that fucking goalkeeper is awsome,

  8. lukeandkane69 says:

    When Carlisle went 1-0.
    you could hardly hear there fans, :L

  9. ThatBritGuy says:

    i saw Westwood at Carlisle a few times, he really is something special

  10. Carlisle3Leeds1 says:

    Never mind, we’ll enjoy the JPT final no matter what the result.

  11. lilewils says:

    sorry we lost him ,but adam collins is fine!1

  12. DrSamular7 says:

    2:30. That guy’s voice is so annoying, he talks like a complete douche lol

  13. magarblech says:

    6 bloody minutes. man lol

  14. wwetitantrons18 says:

    westwood is awesome 😀

  15. DrSamular7 says:

    Haha fair call, you’d really only pay attention if you supported them 😛

  16. Mesnesl says:

    Yeah he is, i think. I don’t pay that much attention to coventry tbh.

  17. DrSamular7 says:

    ah doesn’t surprise me. is he first choice?

  18. Mesnesl says:

    He plays for Coventry now.

  19. DrSamular7 says:

    I’d be surprised if westowood still plays for carlisle after that game.
    We won the playoff, but take your hat off to the keeper, two saves that probably should’ve been goals.

  20. JanineRobin says:

    lol honestly, watch this video again and look at the difference in the fans. leeds fans = huge fat bastards.

  21. MillyandTigg1996 says:

    I love keiren westwood… hes so good! <3

  22. andyest1984 says:

    no he wasnt, he was on loan from leeds

  23. russelltrigger says:

    This is a cracking 1st leg!!

  24. poolsmacca09 says:

    is it me or is there more carlisle fans everytime u see them

  25. CarlisleUnitedAFC says:

    Maryport Whites are all nice blokes. They’re not thick thugs, oh no.