Soccer AM Skill Skool Carlisle United

By , April 10, 2011 11:01 am

Carlisle United Video clip Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Soccer AM Skill Skool Carlisle United”

  1. Luigibob95 says:

    Love carlisle utd

  2. trackmania10 says:

    in the t-shir number 7 in the shorter number 4 😀 lol

  3. carlislerock26 says:

    we are well good at skill skools

  4. CufcCon97 says:


  5. eternitsilverlink says:

    I want see Ian Harte!!

  6. rubyncharm says:

    he’s got a big wang

  7. cyaninternetdog says:

    Cool, cant wait to see Aldred in a Watford shirt.

  8. LilWheezyMMD says:

    UNREAL!!!!! that was amazing

  9. 1996kid3 says:

    what i dont understand is why was a premier league ball coming out of millwalls stadium at the end??

  10. duncqwerty says:

    thats right carlisle do seem to go to reach alot of wembley or cardif finals …
    as for the city its got good northern charm .and is placed in cumbria england you know is the centre of the universe …cufc

  11. jazzyj3ff2k9 says:

    @JAMIZMINT fuck off u lil cumbrians scums. ur city is a shithole

  12. 07dumbell says:

    Shut up, your gonna get fucking smashed in the fa cup u no marks!!!!

  13. steamyhotdogshit says:


  14. JAMIZMINT says:

    Carlisle till i die i know i am im sure i am im carlisle till i die, up the blues. Leeds United fucking shit !!!

  15. cod4owner14 says:

    thats cause its CARLSLE F.C!

  16. athleticdude32 says:

    dat tall guy didnt even do a push up haha

  17. kealz85 says:

    carlisle united are my home team. carlisle till i die!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymiusen says:

    He would more likely get a prison sentence. That’s incest.

  19. Chrisbell095 says:

    how much do they get paid at franchise fc like :S:S greb

  20. BRADSTOCK1977 says:

    have ya noticed on round 2 that si does his skills and when they show hes replay its the same skills but it different to the one they show cause in the replay he loses control of the ball a bit so it goes ta show that they do it a few times ta get it right!!!

  21. BRADSTOCK1977 says:

    this has got ta be the funniest skill school ive seen the players are well up for the banter……..just what ya need in a football club/team

  22. nikeyh25 says:

    its still fuk

  23. jms118 says:

    come on tom aldreds come on son come on

  24. FranchiseFC111 says:

    all that carlisle players get paid is a can of baked beans a week. so you wouldnt get much if you was his secret gay lover to be fair

  25. pistolpeeroy says:

    wot is son?