Carlisle United Vs Leeds United JPT 2nd leg part 4

By , July 12, 2011 2:29 pm

Carlisle United Video Score: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Carlisle United Vs Leeds United JPT 2nd leg part 4”

  1. LUFCtup says:

    @ThatGamerMartin everyone hates leeds you say it like we’re spposed to be bothered. end of the day you’re a nothing club and you’ll never get a game against us agan. bye you inbred cunt.

  2. ThatGamerMartin says:

    @LUFCtup You dont give a fuck? Is that why you came to this video to complain about something that happend around a year ago. WE ALL HATE LEEDS SCUM

  3. LUFCtup says:

    @DayDreamAscent. End of the day fella, where are carlisle? forgot you lot existed to be honest

  4. DayDreamAscent says:

    @LUFCtup LOL “cheat with laser pens” how fucking desperate for excuses are you

  5. LUFCtup says:

    hahahahahaha you had to cheat with laser pens.WE’RE LEEDS UNITED, WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!!

  6. Johnsterdude94 says:

    Jealous? I guarantee you Carlisle lot, that the majority of us didn’t care about the JPT all along, we were all just bothered about promotion. Besides if I had to choose between promotion and a trip to wembley, I’d choose promotion. And also, a club of our stature winning a cup like this would be embarrassing.

  7. AllBouncedOut says:

    awww jellous scummy leeds cunts who crnt afford to go wemberly yad love to go and so fuck if we got beat at wemberly we a small club yr not wankers

  8. TheDionney says:

    05:37 Warrick!!

  9. baillie1514 says:

    We all hate leeds scum, we all hate Leeds scum (8)

  10. JordanNicholsonCUFC says:

    Leeds are just bitter. They can’t take it when they lose to lesser opposition. They wanted to win to go to wembley, but when they don’t go through they just say they didnt want a ‘tin pot’ trophy anyway. Good riddance Leeds because no-one in League One likes you.

  11. lilewils says:

    @TheCrazyWhinmoorLadz In top end of table we dont expect to go up and unlike you
    naive leeds lot.
    Go an play on the M62 CHILD…

  12. TheCrazyWhinmoorLadz says:

    were are you know then?

  13. lilewils says:

    Go back to School an learn how to spell Child,So were are you know back in play offs yet again.

  14. TheCrazyWhinmoorLadz says:

    Look who went to wembley to get beat 4-1 carlisle are crap and bottom of blue spaure premier is the place for them

  15. lilewils says:

    @thespunkman66 Haha in the play offs again!!!

  16. thespunkman66 says:

    to be fair carlise must count themselves lucky to go straight to penalty’s cos leeds really did batter them all game an carlise got a lucky 2nd goal!! ur gonna get fuckd agaignst southampton

  17. ThatBritGuy says:

    haha I love how Que Sera Sera comes in at 6:00

  18. ThatBritGuy says:

    @ConorMulhearn how exactly did Carlisle make a big mistake, other than we stopped you getting to Wembley?

    Never mind, we’ll wave on TV.

  19. lilewils says:

    Rivalry no,your Dyslexic am not !!
    So what mistake was that then,that we won you thought thats the idea of FOOTBALL.
    You muppet….

  20. ConorMulhearn says:

    carlie could be great but there never gonna be lol haha thinks theres a rivaly between u s bollocks i think carlisle just made a big mistake