The Winning Goal – Leeds v Carlisle 12/04/08

By , October 17, 2011 7:20 am

Carlisle United Movie Score: four / five

16 Responses to “The Winning Goal – Leeds v Carlisle 12/04/08”

  1. macphersonleedsunite says:

    Hey Carlisle bye bye. We are going up your not.

  2. chadvindara says:

    Carlisle are getting relegated now you thick fuck ha ha!

  3. benjay79 says:


  4. Thomaslufc33 says:

    Hey I was there, what an atmosphere. Sat right opposite you in the North East Corner. Check my Videos out. 28,000 plus. 3-2 Leeds. We Are Leeds

  5. samisleeds1metalhead says:

    realise that you are shit, even your fucking manager admitted we are a different class the other week.
    just think, forest blatently didn’t deserve to go up last season and now they’re coming straight back down while we’re gunna storm league 1 with leicester while carlisle fuck it up again. your only decent player last season was westwood, your keeper, he’s fucked off, and now your only decent player this season is hackney, and he wont be there long!
    marching on together!

  6. duane2dah says:

    Take your head out your own arse you arrogant twat and realise where your shitty club still is despite what you say you deserve.Fact is your still a L1 outfit

  7. JanineRobin says:

    Forget the points deduction.  Forget where you SHOULD be. And forget where you USED to be.

    Carlisle gave you a footballing lesson in the first leg. Even Leeds fans admitted that. And they beat you 3-1 at Brunton Park.

    How fucking long would you last in higher leagues?

  8. samisleeds1metalhead says:

    have you lived the whole of your fucking life with your head up your arse you thick prick.
    tell me why every ground we’ve been to this season has had their record attendance while we’ve been the visitors bar 2.
    noone in this league can admit the fact that we are and always will be one of the biggest clubs in england and we should have already taken the next step up to the premiership without the points deduction!
    take yer head out your fuckin arse you prick and realise that we rule!! MOT

  9. JanineRobin says:

    Well, you’ll get the chance to play Carlisle again, won’t you

    Because you’re still not famous anymore and you’re still in League One like the Wanking On Together tossbags you are.

  10. 007doctorwho says:

    just one more step till chapionship footy

  11. Benjani7 says:

    fucking come on Leeds! Let’s do this shit!

  12. mourgos532 says:

    That’s how we fuck Carlisle!

  13. geraldtricker says:

    simonsd111, when will this be?

  14. joshproctor says:

    unlikely mot

  15. simonsd111 says:

    wel still go up !!!C.U.F.C

  16. r4f4v4 says: