The Carlisle Boys’ Team Has A Winning Streak

By , May 20, 2016 10:23 am

The boys’ team of Carlisle has been able to pick up two wins this season.

This happened at a triangular tournament that was held on Saturday. It took place at Chariton. Here the Wildcats were able to defeat their opposing team by a score of 3-0. They also played against Collins-Maxwell-Baxter, whose team they defeated by a score of 8-0. When the match against Chariton was being played, Brad Thorpe was able to score two goals for his team. The other goal was scored by Dylan Reed. When the match was against Collins-Maxwell-Baxter, Thorpe was able to score a hat trick and a total of three goals. The other goals were landed by players like Hunter Clark, Reed Alex Benhart and Anthony Fuentes. They were all able to score goals in this game.

In the earlier part of the same week the boys’ team were up against Winterset. They put up a good defense, but were unable to sustain their winning streak in that game. They lost out at a score of 3-2 against Winterset and that too during overtime. Reed and Fuentes were able to score the goals which were assisted by Thorpe, noticed by the experts and appreciated as well.

Losses and wins have been part of the boys’ team this season. They lost out to Bondurant-Ferrar when they hosted this team on Monday night. The Blue Jays were able to defeat the Wildcats in a close match, the score ending at 1-0. Carlisle has been shut out for the fourth time this season. For the girls’ team, they were able to win the game against Westover Christian in April but May has not favored them with a win so far. However, it is wins and losses that dot the horizon for soccer teams who are developing in their initial years.

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