Southampton 4 – 1 Carlisle @ Wembley

By , June 6, 2011 5:43 pm

Carlisle United Video Score: five / five

25 Responses to “Southampton 4 – 1 Carlisle @ Wembley”

  1. sSAINTSsUK says:

    @napcie was a great game. good luck this season

  2. NorthamStand says:

    MuhammedistheDevil, LOL. I’m not a muslim, nor a pakistani. But mate, just sort your fucking life out will you! I have looked at you comments/profile and it seems to me you are more of a vile alien than most muslims i have met. Can’t you see that the majority of people hate vermin like you much much more than muslim extremists.

  3. 123Peat1 says:

    @MuhammedistheDevil you are a cunt

  4. knownogod says:

    Have the skates ran out of paediatricians to bully?
    why don’t they concentrate on saving their own pathetic debt ridden tiny club?

  5. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @kurtbuckley I know you would rather people commented on your video, or at least watched it occasionally, but be realistic: hardly anyone is interested. Certainly Saints used to be a top flight club. They had the England team keeper. They won the FA Cup, but that was long ago.
    As hardly anyone is commenting on this little video, we may as well do something useful here and inform the public about the paki problem, especially as it affects your Southampton area so badly.

  6. kurtbuckley says:

    @MuhammedistheDevil It’s funny because what you type make’s you sound like a complete cock. Stop commenting on my video. No one has time for you , or for what you have to say.

  7. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @kurtbuckley The word `off` has two `f`s. There are six other grammatical errors in that tiny sentence. Perhaps the mixed race school you went to in vile Southampton was hindered in it`s job educating English people because there were so many pakis needing to catch up. You scummers reveal more than you expect to with your every utterance.

  8. kurtbuckley says:

    @MuhammedistheDevil as good as that sounds , i couldnt give a shit!. so get of my video , and talk about your little religion crap somewhere else!

  9. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @kurtbuckley Racism is only a crime against political correctness. I don`t condone PC, and will not join it`s ranks of mind-controlled sheep.
    Having said that, islam is not a race, it is a cult.
    Paki is a pakistani ot vernacular for a muslim. It`s also an abbreviation for Pakistani, and as much of an insult as `Brit`.
    Anyone who has believed the `religion of peace` lie either hasn`t observed the reality of islam, or knows nothing of the islamic Taqiyya.

  10. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @philm625 Do you seriously think it is sufficient to plan our county`s future on “I don`t think muslims will overrun our society”? You DON`T THINK?? Take a look at the figures and proof. ONS: 1985, 300,000 muslims in UK. 2010: 3 million. Plot a graph and see that in 35 years islam will control the UK. Not my figures, but the Office of National Statistics. Do you ever go to West London (Wembley for instance?). It is now muslim.

  11. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @philm625 Britain is certainly bang on target to be taken over by muslims. Islam is a cult that promotes as it`s prophet the world`s most evil paedophile. Google `Mufa`khathat`. The Ayatollah Khomeini wrote a book about it.
    Next watch various high ranking muslims, like Abu Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Saleem (at the Danish Embassy demo) and Anjem Choudary. Islam is an evil cult that will soon be in charge here.
    My figures are from the Office of National Statistics.

  12. philm625 says:

    @MuhammedistheDevil Britain is a prosperous multi-cultural country where people are aloud to live. Your figures are really not correct whatsoever and I think anyone from Burnley would say otherwise. Muslims arent bad people and I don’t think they will overun our society – especially when there are people like you living in their area.

  13. philm625 says:

    @MuhammedistheDevil Yes rivalry! I’m quite glad you walloped Spurs in the end but one fact still remains; your not going to be in the same league next year so Portsmouth are just Tottenham’s irritation now.
    Yeah that local team who were much more successful than you for all those years and who have beaten you more than times than you have beaten us. The JPT maybe pathetic but we dominated the competition. We deserve to be promoted and be back in the Championship so YES there is a rivalry.

  14. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @philm625 Try a little trip to Bury Park, Luton. You will not be allowed into certain areas as they are muslim `no-go` areas. Even the emergency services can`t go in. Much of the West Midlands has this situation too.
    There are 85 sharia courts in this country now.
    Honour killings are multiplying by ten every six months.
    An outside force wants to steal what Hitler couldn`t, right out from under your nose, and you call me “racist”. Well thought out mate.

  15. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @philm625 Oh, and you use the term “racist” as do all indoctrinated sheep, but should see what happens when towns are overrun with a foreign entity, i.e. Burnley – pop. 70,000 of which muslims: 40,000. Now extrapolate that nationwide and you have sharia law, islamic government, barbaric punishments etc etc. Due to birth rates of 1.6 per British couple and 7 -8 per muslim couple, the reality is that Britain WILL be muslim in 35 years, and there`s nothing you can do about it.

  16. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @philm625 Ha ha ha! Hysterical! Scum are not our most hated rival. They are a minor localised irritation, like an itch, but are not in a league where they could be described as “hated”. Try Spurs for that (who we walloped).
    The scummers are just a silly little club who highlight their insignificance by squealing like idiots over the winning of a paint contest. Fucking pathetic, but `rivalry`? Ha.

  17. philm625 says:

    @MuhammedistheDevil Another moronic racist Pompey fan for you who spends all the their time looking and commenting at their most hated rivals winning a trophy while his own team goes into administration and down out of the Premier League.

  18. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @NorthamStand It`s spelt WEMBLEY. Spend more time there and you may learn how to spell it. I assume that you are a vile muslim alien here and about as British as chapattis. Perhaps you should return home to Pakistan now, before you highlight your stupidity any further.

  19. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @NorthamStand As a prisoner of an area of outstanding natural islamification, you should know that West London, an even more badly paki infested area than even scum, is heartily disinterested in football. “Astounded”? You really are a moron.

    We witnessed your awful fans scuttling out of your industrial unit ground instead of supporting your players as they were obliterated by Pompey. You must be terribly ashamed.

  20. MuhammedistheDevil says:

    @NorthamStand 1) The whole of London “astounded”? Wembley regularly holds over 80,000 people, so the whole of London being “astounded” is an exaggeration that blows your credibility.
    2) PFC took less fans to Wembley than scum, for sure, because so many corporate areas were sold – at £2000 per person. Did scum sell any corporate seats?
    3) Scum is certainly a joke. It wins a cup that no team above your impossibly minor league can enter.

    Are scum in the FA Cup this year?

  21. kurtbuckley says:

    @ALLAHthePAEDO I do not know what to say ….

  22. ALLAHthePAEDO says:

    @NorthamStand This is HYSTERICAL! Let`s have more of this sublime humour on Youtube. I really don`t see anything wrong with showing this sort of thing, even if the southampton fans would say it was cruel to show such ludicrously exaggerated jubilation over such a non-event. Absolutely hysterical.
    Thanks so much Kurt.

  23. saintsfan454 says:

    @kurtbuckley It’s called Carnival

  24. 123Peat1 says:

    Fuck pompey!!!

  25. kurtbuckley says:

    Chin up.