preston north end vs carlisle united players coming out ….. boxing day 2011

By , March 31, 2013 11:49 pm

Carlisle United Video clip Rating: five / 5

24 Responses to “preston north end vs carlisle united players coming out ….. boxing day 2011”

  1. robloxexter223 says:

    thumbs up if you live in Preston

  2. BassFishingOnToast says:

    Calm the fuck down Matthew Hill. No one wants your opinion.

  3. themcdonaldsman1 says:

    shit stadium, compared to what? brunton park? and was a class game – won’t be as many of you this year 🙂

  4. Doug Murphy says:

    The 11 players you’ve signed have competed for top 6 in this league last season. Really?? The 2 from Shrewsbury were in league 2 last season. Amoo from bury who finished above pne. Laird was in playoffs yes. Huntingdon from Yeovil and welsh from tranmere weren’t anywhere near playoffs and haven’t been for years. Which 11 have you signed for playoffs then?

  5. chriscope2k678 says:

    you have signed playes from tin pot clubs with no expierience haha good luck with that!

  6. chriscope2k678 says:

    who’s a clever lad! the fact is you are not big you never have will and never will be your going to be a league one team for a long time and will have to put up with the cumbrians taking over every season!

  7. soulofthenorth says:

    ‘wasn’t aware of your existance till this season!’

    Thats because we was in a higher division than you…

  8. chriscope2k678 says:

    wasn’t aware of your existance till this season! pne wank wank wank

  9. Doug Murphy says:

    Blah blah history blah blah! Are you Wednesday in disguise?? Don’t act the big club when the most famous signing you have made this season is Paul Huntingdon! Shows the ambition of pne of rotting in this league for years

  10. soulofthenorth says:

    Your neck must have been hurting for years…

  11. chriscope2k678 says:

    your neck must hurt from looking up at us all season!

  12. soulofthenorth says:

    It must hurt knowing you will never be bigger than PNE…

  13. thumper5927 says:

    Carlisle brought hundreds down to our spot didnt expect that kind of supprt

  14. Doug Murphy says:

    @ephemeraworld. You’ll be playing bamber bridge in a couple of seasons, be closer for you lot

  15. Ste vee says:

    Go n play north of the border , bit nearer for u lot .

  16. Doug Murphy says:

    Still sends shivers up the back of my neck. Fantastic support yet again by the Cumbrians!

  17. TranmereDays says:

    fantastic support by carlise!

  18. chriscope2k678 says:

    Well perhaps you should listen to the video again. “prestons a shit hole i want to go home” it wasn’t a video of us singing “deepdales a shit hole i want to go home” your ears painted on?

  19. Ste vee says:

    Can’t wait to see your ground if ours is a shit hole !

  20. jake831000 says:

    yeah can’t argue with that, we’re having a shocker of a season!

  21. Kairicko says:

    League Table, Speaks for itself.

  22. fezcufc says:

    Best away day ever ! 

  23. thumper5927 says:

    nowt fucken finer than the carlisle end on top

  24. jake831000 says:

    stop getting yourself so worked up, its only a game. yeah we’ll see you then, there’ll be plenty of us there. utw