Jimmy Glass: Carlisle United Legend

By , January 15, 2011 9:56 am

Carlisle United Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Jimmy Glass: Carlisle United Legend”

  1. moleccfc says:

    @brodftw chester fc are doing that now, slowly getting back to where we belong

  2. moleccfc says:

    imagine if it were offside

  3. richie1438 says:

    This is why I love football.

  4. xOwensss says:

    Sends shivers from my spine everytime i watch this, and im a Bristol Rovers fan

  5. jaqqqqqqattack says:

    @19127gallagher Mind you, the reason that staying in the Football League was so important was the money it brings, without which Carlisle United might have folded. But yes, you’re right, this is why the games are played.

  6. tomkennyjackett1996 says:

    What show was this on?

  7. mickeyblue24 says:

    i was at this game…..craziest one ive ever been to….didnt show brightwells 30 yard strike tho to get us level….we went down 2 years later but came right back up….dosnt matter what level you watch things like this makes history!! UTB

  8. Kaufhausdahl says:

    The spirit of football thanks for these moments

  9. bluenosedave100 says:

    i was 4 when this happened im a man city fan what a goal

  10. creasicle says:

    @if5tatement It’s a reality I don’t want to contemplate, even in a hypothetical scenario

  11. if5tatement says:

    @creasicle That’s true. What would you do without donkey rides and penny arcades?

  12. brodftw says:

    @SeadogErk AFC will be back at this level or thereabouts though mate, keep the faith. I have no ties to Scarborough (well I played as them on Championship Manager once, Adam Jewell was fucking unstoppable but it doesn’t really count…) however I think any club that has to restart from scratch should have nationwide backing almost, takes incredible loyalty and drive from the fans. All the best!

    (Same goes for Town actually, not sure how you feel about them though…)

  13. brodftw says:

    @TomJardineCUFC the absolute only sad thing about this incredible moment, is the demise of Scarborough a few years later 🙁 I know it’s not Carlisle’s “fault”, just terrible to see a club go under.

    Best of luck to the likes of Kettering and any other clubs in that kind of position right now

  14. creasicle says:

    @if5tatement At least we don’t have to live in Carlisle though, eh?

  15. KillWullie says:

    @creasicle The FA sanctioned the deal, because we had no fit goalkeepers. Deal with it.

  16. SeadogErk says:

    as a Scarborough FC fan this kills me 🙁

  17. JJWils95 says:

    Trending on twitter!! LEGEND

  18. if5tatement says:

    @creasicle he was on loan. And Carlisle had been in the football league about half a century longer. boohoo.

  19. creasicle says:

    As a Scarborian it’s very hard to watch this as it pretty much killed our football team. Not only was he not even a Carlisle player but he was signed after the transfer window had closed.

  20. stmirren37 says:

    This has to be one of football’s greatest moments of all time at any level. Absolute legend.

  21. bolton4ever12 says:

    @Stokie09123 same its absolutely quality, lmao at them supporters who run on n then jump the ref haah,

  22. DonEzzy1000 says:

    Football = Fans,,,If they arent any they will never really be any football, you must make them happy !!

  23. Lozzicles says:

    Proud to be a Carlisle fan!

  24. sergdee says:

    Love this clip, football doesn’t get better than this!

  25. Stokie09123 says:

    Not connected to Carlisle in any way, but this gives me goosebumps like nothing else……