Howson playoff goal (Carlisle v Leeds)

By , March 5, 2011 7:03 am

Carlisle United Video Rating: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Howson playoff goal (Carlisle v Leeds)”

  1. spacecowboy7580 says:

    Oh Gary Gary, Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary Speed!!

    RIP Speedo.

  2. spacecowboy7580 says:

    Jonny Howson..can he win it…?
    Yes he can!!

  3. djmrnik says:

    @Kairicko knobber

  4. EpicFailMale says:

    I went fucking mad!
    Even though it was for Play-off’s League one, still was one of my favourite goals. Just for the reaction, and timing.

  5. Kairicko says:

    @spacecowboy7580 Awesome, good to know that many scum actually know who I am 🙂

  6. spacecowboy7580 says:


    And Leeds scum hate you, you cunt.

  7. lufcmarcus123 says:

    i dont get y the fuck does every 1 or any other teams hate leeds n say the scum on internet or at elland road or even if not playin us or not in r league or never played us before n y mouth it stood behined stewards or police n wot the fuck av leeds utd done to any of ya so best thing is shut fuck up n watch ya team play so wots fuckin point its a game football u sad bastards leeds leeds leeds 4 ever

  8. LUFC4EVERMOT says:

    could we give a shit if you all hate us……..nope haha

  9. jamessyb says:

    @Kairicko No, we all hate you.

  10. joshoflufc91 says:

    Carlsberg don’t do winning goals, but if they did……


  11. QueenReigns1 says:

    If you love Barcelona thumb me up….

  12. Kairicko says:


  13. briggslr02 says:

    Remember this like it was yesterday MOT

  14. QueenReigns1 says:

    One Jonny Howson….

  15. QueenReigns1 says:

    Well whether you can or not..I bet you tried a few before you discovered it wasn’t possible.

  16. nemisis964 says:

    @QueenReigns1 And that just shows how mature you are..thank you sir.

    FACT : You cannot smoke someones penis. Look it up or something, yeh?

  17. QueenReigns1 says:


    Shut it faggot..go back to smoking your dads dick.

  18. nemisis964 says:

    @QueenReigns1 Cry more.

  19. QueenReigns1 says:


    Mad ??

    I’m fuckin’ furious mate..stop being so fucking thick and stop trolling on Leeds videos.

  20. nemisis964 says:

    @QueenReigns1 umad?

  21. QueenReigns1 says:


    You thick bastard…so he put a comment about man utd..was it on a man utd video?
    Don’t think so.
    Are you a fucking moronic troll?
    Yes you are for sure. abbreviation of Ugly Manc Kid ?

  22. SteveBZ69 says:


    LEEDS 1 SCUM 0 Beckford…lmfao

  23. RainyLeeds says:


  24. Andy90Leeds says:


    League 1 Play offs semis 2nd leg (2007-2008)

    Less said about the final the better.

  25. BounceeHD says:

    Is this the championship? First round of the playoffs? im confued :S