Carlisle United v Millwall pitch invasion 08/09

By , May 1, 2014 3:02 pm

Carlisle United Video Score: three / five

20 Responses to “Carlisle United v Millwall pitch invasion 08/09”

  1. TM32 says:

    you retard – this lot a running on the pitch to celebrate not to even start
    anything. Clueless inbred 14 year old

  2. N3W311luvzLUFC says:

    It always happens to Carlisle lol It happened when my team – Leeds – played
    them just there! says something for their security! Teresa x

  3. MrSarni says:

    @TINGLEY123 Shit ground, shit fans? It is arguable that we have the most
    loyal and passionate fans in League One

  4. mental07 says:

    nope sorry. they were absolute screamers

  5. N3W311luvzLUFC says:

    @19rick91abc yk thats not what i meant :L x

  6. healy9 says:

    This reminds me of your pitch invasion last year after the play offs. Run
    on, and then dont know what to do

  7. PlaystationKid07 says:

    nice 1 for beating millwall, but how the fuk did all of them get on so
    quick 0:58 lol

  8. ashfordpod says:

    I say old chap, steady on, you’ll damage your clogs stamping around like
    that! I somehow think that its you fellows who’ll be in League 2 wilderness
    next season. Tootle-pip.

  9. connor gilligan says:

    Cufc cufc love da club we will win daa league dis year come on carlisle cufc

  10. ste257 says:

    i fucking well wanted 2 go 2 carlisle vs millwal come on carlisle lol
    fucking awsome!!!!!!

  11. Glenn Cumbria says:

    @MrSarni I’m driving through from Whitehaven in an hour and I agree us
    diehards are passionate, but what’s happened to the other 4000 that used to
    turn up 3 years ago? Maybe they were glory hunters and didn’t keep the
    faith in 2008/09 and went back to their Premiership clubs. However, there’s
    still a loyal hardcore of us that love the club all the time.

  12. CUFCVideos says:

    the goals r on my channel

  13. nicijane2kaii9 says:

    shit and we kno we are alreet then a bet ya 1 of em dirty suthern batsteds
    eh ya silly wanker… cmon carlise legendery team x xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. MikeyCUFC says:

    We do it coz were not fags like every single Leeds utd fan

  15. WoWPaW70 says:

    my second cuison plays for carlise hes called paul thirlwell

  16. ashfordpod says:

    No reports of a pitch invasion when Carlisle were flattened by Brentford
    last week.

  17. Mikey_MFC says:

    northern mugs your shit and u know u are

  18. ashfordpod says:

    Good luck with the English lessons, keep up the good work.

  19. Reaper says:

    @N3W311luvzLUFC ’cause Leeds’ fans have never invaded the pitch like, eh?

  20. Ray LUFC says:

    you soon run back millwall would have killed yer all