Carlisle united Preston penalty shootout round 1

By , December 11, 2013 8:15 am

Carlisle United Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “Carlisle united Preston penalty shootout round 1”

  1. shutsy93 says:

    PNE, PNE, PNE! Carlisle F.C…What to say…Your support is very poor and
    you’re also a bunch of pathetic tossers. Shouting “Wanker, bastard, fucking
    cunt” because a player scores a penalty against your team? Get a life you
    sad-acts. UTW.

  2. Jack Baldwin says:

    You have good support to be fair but you’re not Pne aren’t losing at this
    stage COYW!!

  3. Ben HD says:

    Graham Westley’s Blue & White army!!

  4. TurnzPS3 says:

    carlisle got smashed anyway pne deserve to win .

  5. Jason Mcmullen says:

    right in the middle near the front when everyone ran down ahha 🙂

  6. MultiMarshyman says:

    Blue army :-!!!!!!!

  7. lcorcoran69 says:

    What a horrible way to lose YOUR derby…..UTW!!!

  8. Jason Mcmullen says:

    4000 away fans to your place on boxing day nuff said.

  9. MultiMarshyman says:

    Mighty carlisle

  10. 98braddy says:

    where about where you in the warick

  11. ryan critchley says:

    What a bunch of mongs. Tinpot pathetic cunts.

  12. Jason Mcmullen says:

    Yeah I know haha our support is good in the Warwick road end 🙂