By , August 29, 2012 7:14 am

Carlisle United manager Greg Abbott has said that the challenge on the star midfielder Lee Miller is extremely crude and painful. Lee Miller was subject to a heavy tackle from Tansey in the 1-1 draw with Stevenage during the weekend. Lee Miller was returning to first-team action only recently, but it is expected that he will now face a long layoff as a result of this latest injury. The player suffered an injury in the 39th minute, but wanted to continue as long as possible. He was eventually withdrawn from the match in the 57th minute.

It is now expected that Lee Miller will be undergoing a major operation in his ankle in order to recover from the injury. As a result, there is every chance that the player could miss the rest of the season according to the manager Greg Abbott. Speaking after the match, Greg Abbott said that he is of no doubt that the opposition came into the tackle with a view of injuring him. He has also called as the tackle extremely painful and crude. This is not the first time Lee Miller has suffered a major injury after he has already broken leg back in 2011.

“I didn’t think it was innocuous – I thought it was a crude tackle, a really poor challenge from where I was. I thought he [Miller] nicked the ball away and [Tansey] has come and smashed him through, similar to the Ben Marshall one at Wembley. I thought it was an awful tackle. I think it was an accident but it still looked a bit untidy to me,” said Greg Abbott after the match. Meanwhile, the opposition manager failed to criticise his player by saying that it was not such a bad tackle as it is made by the Carlisle United manager Greg Abbott.

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